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Mandi jay and dyl

Mandi jay and dyl


Fine Tuning Occupational Therapy specialises in working with children 0-18 years. We aim to help children with a range of abilities by fine tuning areas of difficulties and building up foundational skills.  

Neurological Rehab

Fine Tuning Occupational Therapy are experienced at working with individuals having difficulties with cognitive, sensory or functional changes.  


Fine Tuning Occupational Therapy will run focus groups throughout the year for like-minded clients. Groups provide a fun and social aspect to achieving goals. In a group setting, children and adults alike can practice acquired skills and apply them in various environments

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We can help your child achieve their true potential


Medicare government rebates & all major health funds accepted

NDIS Better Start & HCWA Eligible

Evidence Based Practice

Using the latest sensory integration & neuro development framework for optimum results

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Mobile Number: 0433 049 564